Pret-a-Porter Pre-order

Released previously in 2011, Pret-a-Porter received great reviews and nominations for various awards. Quickly it became known as one of the most thematic economic games on the market; a heavy euro that perfectly blends rules with its unique theme. Shortly after, it disappeared from the market. Only 1000 copies were printed.

Today, after nearly a decade, Pret-a-Porter comes back again in this stunning new
edition. Pret-a-Porter is a euro game designed by industry veteran Ignacy Trzewiczek, artwork in this stunning edition is done by industry rising star - Kwanchai Moriya.

This is a Pre-order promotion! The game will come with a special bonus scenario, and is expected to ship to customers in October. 
This is edition is the retail version, and does NOT contain any of the Kickstarter Exclusives.