Pre-order Imperial Settlers Storage Box

This item is expected to be available in Quarter 3 


The long-awaited Imperial Settlers Storage Box is finally here! This big and awesome box will help you store the Imperial Settlers game and all expansions in one big box with style.

One big box size 30 x 30 x 14 cm (11.8” x 11.8” x 5.5”) with even more awesome content:

  • 2 high-quality inserts, perfectly designed to hold all the cards and player boards from the base game and all expansions with practical divisions to help you sort out different fractions. Fits sleeved and unsleeved cards alike. 

  • 1 Separate removable insert with a lid for storing wooden and cardboard components. 

  • 3 single-piece player boards (Amazons, Atlanteans, and Aztecs) replacing the 2-piece player boards from the corresponding expansions.

  • 9 extra cards to add to the common cards deck, featuring fun artwork crossover with Empires of the North.

  • Complete rulebook covering the base game and all the expansions in one single brochure to help you easily find answers during the gameplay.

Rulebook and all goodies only in the English version.